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According to recent figures, over 700 million people worldwide are Facebook users. That is one out of every ten people alive today. Half of those users sign in to their accounts at least once per day. In the United States alone, over 150 million people log onto Facebook daily. If your business is not fully engaged with online social media like Facebook, you are missing out on one of the most dynamic ways to keep your business thriving in today's economy.

social media  social media

Whether your business is largely local in nature, selling physical goods or services to people in your geographic area, you can benefit from having your own business Facebook Page. You can use a Facebook Page as a bridge between your business website and the world of social media, or you could use it as your primary online presence and forego building and managing a website.

The more you update your content and interact with your followers and potential clients, the better your business will thrive in the ever-changing interconnected world. Smart Link Solutions can manage your online presence for you, so you have time for running your business!

social media  social media

Take a look at just a few of the things you can do with a custom Facebook Page:

  • Describe your business and products.
  • Present photos and videos of your business.
  • Give daily (or more frequent) updates on new products and special promotions.
  • Automatically send your updates to Twitter.
  • Use inexpensive, but highly effective, paid advertising to help your message go "viral."
  • Interact with your followers on a real-time basis to respond to compliments (or complaints).
  • Establish meaningful connections with other businesses and organizations in your town or industry.

Facebook, as well as the internet in general, is rapidly evolving, so you need expert input and ongoing management to get the greatest benefit from it.

Talk to our specialists at Smart Link Solutions about designing and managing a powerful Facebook business page to promote your company. Let us get your Facebook Page up and running now so you can take advantage of the rapidly growing social media scene for promoting your business online.

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