You may have found that your company has been conducting more business online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You may have also modified your operations a bit during this time. You may be delivering at your clients’ doorstep or making other changes that you want to communicate to your target audience. That is where local SEO comes in handy. What local SEO strategies can you use to ensure that you successfully position your business during this time?

Local SEO

These are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, for businesses that are keen on meeting the needs of their region. Their target market is consumers who are searching for their products/services in that area.

Let us examine local SEO strategies that your business should adopt.

Get A Google My Business Account

If, you do not have a Google my business account create one today. It is a business listing that gets your Business Search engine optimized when you create a business profile. With an account you get to optimize your business when you include your location such that your business will appear in various search engine searches. If you already have one it is important to keep it updated in case there is a change in your business operations. The more customers interact and the quicker you respond to their inquiries the better for your business.

Ensure Your Business Is Listed

It is also important that your business is listed in as many reputable online local directories, and always ensure that you provide the correct information about your business to avoid confusing search engine web crawlers.

Get Mobile Friendly

The mobile phone is a gadget that most people own and because of its portability it tends to be convenient when searching for information. Mobile-first indexing allows for a business placement on mobile search engines on desktop and mobile gadgets. Does your website have a mobile version? It is important to ensure that your business website can be accessed on mobile thus being more favorable to search engines.

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