Message On Hold

Make a strong first impression with your callers! While voice talent and music selections are only part of your overall on-hold marketing message, they’re important. Great selections offer you a powerful, attention-getting, non-verbal communication edge that adds credence and impact to your message. With Message on Hold from Smart Link Solutions, you have plenty of choices!

Here is what we provide…..

  • message on hold unitExperienced Copywriters Skilled copywriting staff takes raw information; distills it into effective copy.
  • Professional Voice Talents Accomplished staff of voice talents has years of professional experience. Trained to bring your copy alive for the listener. Utilize a pleasant, informational, conversational delivery.
  • Recording Engineers Union of voice and music, professionally mixed in digital studios. Smooth, clean recording with excellent sound quality.
  • Licensed Music Department Production experts select just the right track to fit your business. Extensive library of licensed music. Years of experience choosing music to complement each company’s unique image.
  • 3 Year Warranty Three year warranty on the best digital equipment in the industry. Message On Hold is the most effective and least expensive way to communicate with people interested in your business! Over 12,000 informational messages can be aired each month over your phone system.

Sample Message on Hold Productions

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No one likes to be put on hold, but when their questions are being answered as they are waiting for a rep it becomes very productive. I really consider it a silent salesperson during busy times. We will not be without it!

Ken Howell

Trainco, Inc.