Reputation Management

Take control of your online reputation. Show customers that you care about them and your business.

You wouldn’t let your reputation go astray, why would you do the same for your business? 

Reputation is important in your personal life and for your business. The internet is a powerful tool that allows businesses to expand the word-of-mouth world onto a much larger scale. Customers typically search a for a business locally based on a city and the service or product needed. Customers are searching for credible and accurate information. Not only do reviews give your local rankings a boost, but they also persuade potential customers to do business with you (or not if they are bad reviews!).

How does a lack of monitoring your online reputation hurt your business?

  • Lack of Reviews – Reviews establish customer satisfaction and credibility of the business. Businesses are often looked over when no or little credibility can be established.
  • Up-To-Date Reviews – Congratulations! Your business received a review… four years ago. Businesses change owners, team members, policies, services, products, etc. It is important to show that your business is providing the same great service.
  • Negative Reviews – Rarely do businesses make every one happy. Typically, it is the angry customers that carry their frustration on review boards. These negative reviews can impact prospective customers’ decisions on whether or not to do business with you.
  • Unanswered Reviews – When a review is left unanswered, positive or negative, you are telling your customer that you aren’t acknowledging their concerns, thoughts, or comments. You are also telling potential customers that you don’t respond to your current customers’ needs.

Need Reputation Management or Marketing for your Business?

Did You Know?

  • 61% of all local searches result in a purchase. Poor reputation can hinder your business from being chosen.
  • Google gives your business listing a boost in local rankings with reviews.
  • Potential customers can search by star ratings on search engines! To earn a star rating, you must have reviews!
  • Asking for reviews is legal and encouraged! Some directories even offer reviews stickers.

Smart Link Solutions helps control which reviews potential customers see about your business. You dress up for an interview to make an IMPRESSION, so why not do the same for your ONLINE PRESENCE?

Review Tips

  • Ask for reviews!  Happy customers usually are willing to write a good review when asked.
  • Don’t admit fault. Acknowledge the person’s concerns and offer a solution.
  • Businesses with Patients: Do not discuss a patient’s case online. This violates HIPAA Law and it unethical.
  • Offering incentives for writing a review is also unethical. Don’t do it!
  • DO NOT have co-workers, friends, or family write fake reviews for you.
  • Google and other search engines scan for fake reviews. Reviews can be subject for removal. AGAIN, DON’T DO IT!


This is a business who had two negative reviews on Google. They began their Reputation Management service in November 2015 to help increase their online reputation and increase their local search presence. Look at the drastic increase in number of reviews AND sentiment starting the month of service.

Click image to see their results

Reputation Management Bradley Silber


This customer had a very poor reputation across the web, especially on Google. The customer began their Reputation Management service in June 2015. The EXACT MONTH our program was implemented, the customer saw an increase in number of reviews AND positive feedback!

Click the image to see the results

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