Voice Over IP

When is the last time you looked at your phone bill? If it has been more than a year, you owe to your “bottom line” to look at new technologies, such as Voice over I.P. (VoIP).

Did you know that the number of global Voice over IP subscribers reached approximately 120 million in 2012? This number may double in 2013 alone. If VoIP isn’t mainstream yet, it will be very shortly. In 2012, it is estimated that almost 3/4 of businesses already utilized VoIP software to at least some degree.

The feature-rich nature of business VoIP is quite compelling.  This new technology has made possible a host of features such as unified messaging (voicemail to email), connect anywhere, multiple call routing, unique presences and voicemail greetings.  With both on-premise and off premise (Cloud-based) solutions, redundancy and re-routing is just a click away.  In addition, the flexibility and scaling of VoIP makes it the only choice for new phone systems.

It is not coincidental that the growth of business VoIP parallels the explosion in mobile device use in business. Now, physical location no longer matters, since employees can readily tie into an enterprise’s communications system wherever the employee may be. Two acronyms, VoIP and BYOD (bring your own device) will further continue to unite and increase employee productivity.

The beauty of an Internet and cloud-based digital communication system is that it can grow as quickly as your business grows. The days of trying to coordinate the phone company’s visit to a new branch location are past. So too is the challenge of trying to determine what size phone system should be installed to account for future growth. In the past, hardware was expensive enough that either over or underestimating phone demand created negative impact. With VoIP, scalability is easily addressed at any pace.

With Voice over IP, the integration of operations reaches new heights as well. For example, a contact center taking incoming calls, engaging in online chat, and responding to customer Twitter and Facebook posts can do so with greater ease. Multi-channel communications can move from concept to implementation more nimbly than ever.

Clients are often able to recover the cost of the new equipment in less than a year, based on the monthly savings over their traditional phone solution. 

If you haven’t looked at how Voice Over IP can save you money and offer more flexibility and features, give us a call.  We welcome your inquiries about VoIP for your business, as well as a host of services including on-hold advertising, local search optimization, and paid search advertising.

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