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Writing your own content can be difficult and time consuming.  It can also be complicated.  As a business owner, you’re clearly the best source of information about your business.  You know more about your business than anyone else.  You have a story to tell.  How you tell it is important.

A professional copywriter can help you tell your story in a way that engages visitors to your website and entices them to explore the “inner pages.” Your visitors learn more about your business, products, and services and you have an opportunity to differentiate your business from others who may offer similar products and services.  Great content tells visitors why they should buy from you, not your competitors.

A well told story also helps you rank higher in search results.  Content marketing experts agree, Web content that’s unique, relevant, and current is a must for businesses that wish to fare well in the world of search rankings.  Great content tells your story in a way that helps the search engines find, and promote your business.  It helps visitors find you.

Keeping your content “fresh” and current is also important.  This is particularly relevant in industries characterized by rapid change, such as technology-related businesses.  Google and the other search engines tend to reward businesses who regularly publish new content on their websites with higher rankings in search results.  “Vintage” content may not be similarly rewarded.  Your prospects are looking for current information.  Why not give it to them?

Great content tells your story in a way that’s engaging, well written, and even entertaining.  It helps the search engines find, and promote your business, and helps visitors find you. 

Smart Link Solutions’ team of website designers and copywriters can help you identify the pages you need to help your business succeed.  They’ll also help you tell your story with relevant content that highlights your business and tells visitors about each of your products and services.

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Did You Know?

More than half (53%) of marketers rank content creation as the single most effective SEO tactic – Interfuse
91% of B2C companies market with content – Sarv