Targeted Landing Pages

Help your website position for areas other than the physical address

Showing up in search engine results outside your city or geographical area is difficult for most businesses.  Local search optimization can help you with your online presence, but your website also needs a boost when it comes to expanding your into additional geographical areas. Targeted landing pages provide content that focuses on a keyword and a particular city or area, giving Google and the search engines specific information to help your website show up in searches.  Google and the other search engines give priority to businesses whose physical addresses are in the searcher’s area.  For example, a business in Wixom may want to target the nearby communities of Farmington Hills and Ann Arbor. Targeted landing pages tell the search engines that your business serves additional geographical regions and can give your company a “leg up” in search results.

Want a wider “net” for “catching” visitors? Smart Link Solutions provides geo-targeted landing pages to help your business show up in areas that are outside the community in which your business is physically located.

Did You Know?

68.2% of purchases are made my local residents. By adding geo-targeted landing pages to your website, you can help capture the other 31.8% of residents showing your business in different geographical areas other than your physical address. – Search Engine Land

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