Website Questionnaire

Thank you for the opportunity to build a website for your company. Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your ability.  Your answers will help us understand the goals you want to achieve with the new website. The more information you provide, the better prepared our team will be to build a great website for your business. Also, keep in mind that these questions may kick-start your thoughts about what you really want from this website.

Following this process helps us deliver a professional service, reduces opportunities for miscommunication, and puts us on the path to a successful collaboration.

  • List a few goals you would like to achieve.
  • List their names and websites
  • Examples: purchase, signup, contact us form, call, etc.
  • Example: Contact, About, Services, etc.
  • use CTRL + Click to select multiple choices.
  • Example: forms, blog, coupons, color scheme etc.
    content and image can be uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder that we will provide.
  • Please provide the credentials of your current web hosting provider. (Website, username and password)
  • Please provide the credentials of your domain registrar. (Website, username and password)