Getting put on hold can be a frustrating experience.close up of a hand holding a smartphone

In fact, 70 percent of callers who are put on hold with nothing but silence will hang up within a minute, and 35 percent won’t even call back. But waiting on hold doesn’t have to be a chore.

In fact, hold time can be a great chance to keep your callers engaged. After all, you’ve got a captive audience who’s waiting to speak with you – why not take this opportunity to convey some information, and even do a bit of marketing with Message on Hold?

The best Message on Hold creates a lasting impression. And there are some proven ways to crafting a powerful message. Let’s explore!


1: Write a Quick, Punchy Message

What does a prison inmate and a great novelist have in common? They both appreciate a short sentence.

Same goes for a Message on Hold. Quick, snappy sentences pack a powerful punch. They grab the listener’s attention, hold it, and keep them engaged throughout their wait.

Short sentences also help break down a lot of information into easy-to-digest bites – versus a long, never-ending sentence that quickly gets confusing (and can be tough on the voice talent recording the message). Whether you want to inform folks about new changes to your business, or simply add a touch of humor to ease their wait time, short sentences are the way to go.


2: Two Voices are Better Than One

The most common method is to have a single voice talent artist read your Message on Hold. Great vocal artists bring a natural enthusiasm to the material, easily holding the caller’s attention. However, there can be a risk of losing the caller’s interest especially when it comes to longer messages.

One way to keep things fresh: consider using both male and female voices. This adds a sense of variety. The contrasting tones and cadences of two voices can make even long messages pop through their entire runtime.


3: The Right Music

One of my favorite parts of creating a Message on Hold is picking the music. There are plenty of tracks to choose from, and it can be fun to find the one that perfectly fits both the brand, and the message itself.

Is your business more modern-leaning, calling for a timely pop-style song? Or does a country/western sound fit better? Perhaps a track with a more international flavor? There are plenty of music genres available:

    • Blues
    • Corporate
    • Country
    • Easy pop
    • Easy rock
    • Beach
    • International
    • Jazz, smooth
    • Jazz, upbeat
    • Latin
    • Spa/New Age
    • Oldies
    • Classical

One more thing to consider: You may want to make sure the music isn’t too raucous.

For example, if you choose a rock song, you don’t want it to overwhelm the message. Even when the music fades down as the voice artist speaks, some guitar-heavy tracks can still make it harder to hear the entire message, especially over the phone.


piano keys and sheet music

4: Keep Listeners Informed

If your business is currently offering special deals or promotions, Message on Hold is the perfect time to mention them.

By highlighting exclusive and limited-time offers, you can encourage callers to explore more of what your business has to offer. This can also boost the chances of converting leads through enticing deals the caller may not have been aware of.

You can also use this time to educate your callers about your business in general. Showcase your accomplishments. Proudly mention any prestigious awards you may have received.

Do you have any five-star reviews that bring a smile to your face? This is the ideal moment to share them. What about your operating hours? Go ahead and include those too, especially if they’ve changed recently.

And don’t forget to mention your website and any social media accounts, which gives callers more ways to engage with your business.


5: Update Regularly

When it comes to businesses, just like people, making a good first impression can really pave the way for building great relationships. But what about the second impression? Or the third? The fourth?

Even the best Message on Hold will start to get stale after a while. After all, nobody wants to hear the same thing over and over again for years on end, no matter how interesting it may have been at first. To keep things fresh, you’ll want to update your on-hold message regularly.

You could update your Message on Hold for many reasons, including:

    • The changing seasons
    • Special holiday promotions
    • The new year
    • Website updates
    • New hours of operation
    • The announcement of new products or services
    • Opening a new location
    • Moving to a different location

Small changes don’t make much difference in the short term but, as time goes on, they can really add up to create a very different business than the one you ran several years ago. Updating your Message on Hold is a great way to keep your customers informed, and engaged with fresh material.


construction cranes silhouetted against the setting sun

Elevate Your Brand with Message on Hold

The main advantage of Message on Hold goes beyond simply putting people on hold – it presents an excellent opportunity to keep them informed and showcase what your business is all about.

Ready to create your own Message on Hold?

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