Each page of your company’s website is essential however, there are a few pages that are crucial to its success – the home, about us, and contact pages. When considering how to optimize these pages, keep two things in mind: what does the target audience expect from these pages, and what do you want your target audience to take once they arrive?

Home Page

The home page of a website is generally the first impression a potential client has of a company. Users will only spend a few seconds on this page before deciding whether to go deeper or move on to a more interesting website. A potential customer that comes to your homepage from a search engine is frequently looking for information. They want to be able to navigate the page easily in order to find the content they need.

Your homepage should introduce your product or service in a few seconds and encourage users to investigate your site further. The white space, fonts, color schemes, and layout are all important elements of an efficient web design, but the content is at the soul of a website. A few key features your homepage should have are a navigation bar, your logo, a headline, call to action, social proof, photos, your content, and a footer.

About Page

This is where you show your company’s and what it’s all about.  Allow your business to stand out. So, what do you really do? What do you have to offer your customers that no one else does?

It’s not just about providing more data or content; it’s also about engaging with users on a more personal level. The goal of your about page is to connect with your visitors and gain their trust. A brief, passionate message from your President or a list of your service(s) can go a long way in terms of content.

  • Communicate the story of your business and why you started it.
  • Describe the customers that you want your business to serve.
  • Explain your business model.
  • Put a face to your business, featuring your bio and others as you grow

Contact Page

Some of the most important information on the site can be found on the contact us page including your phone number, business hours, address, driving directions, and social media links. Having all this critical info above the fold is key. Make it as simple and quick as possible for them to contact you.

“Email us now,” or “Call us now” are examples of call to actions. This shows customers that they have your full attention and that they’re just a click away from showing yourself to them.

Are you ready to revamp your website?

Your site will appear better, run more smoothly, and help you make more money if you follow the above recommendations. Keep in mind, you’ll have to keep tweaking, updating, and adjusting your website content if you want better outcomes.

Whether you’re looking to update your website, refresh your brand or update content, our team has all the tools to help you! We’ll make sure that we create and develop innovative concepts that will leave your guests speechless.

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