Voice over Internet ProtocolVoice Over Internet Protocol (more commonly referred to simple as VoIP) is growing in popularity among both individual homes and businesses. While using the Internet for your telephone needs might seem like putting too much trust in newer technology to some people, there are distinct advantages that make this option so appealing for business owners.

Advantage #1: Cost

When compared call for call, VoIP is a cheaper option for businesses to use. Whether you’re taking local calls, or handling long distance and international business, moving the data is all the same when it comes to VoIP. This allows you to extend your reach, without overextending your budget.

Advantage #2: Flexibility

If you’ve ever found you need to upgrade a traditional phone system, then you’ve likely had to deal with the nightmare of interrupting your entire business day so you can coordinate with the phone company, ensure they can bring in technicians, and install the proper equipment. Then you have to troubleshoot it, fine-tuning all of the installments until you figure out what works, and what didn’t, and make repairs as needed. With VoIP you install the same devices, and simply pay for a greater bandwidth, so you avoid this hassle entirely. You simply contact your provider, and either upgrade or downgrade your package as needed, and that’s that.

Advantage #3: Multi-Channel Communication Becomes a Reality

In the old days making a phone call was one of the only methods of instantaneous communication we had… today that’s no longer the case. Between email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and all the other methods out there, businesses have the ability to provide their customers with a lot of options. Integrating your phone service into your Internet just makes sense, as it folds all your options into the same source, allowing you to switch easily from one to the other, providing your customers with the solutions they prefer to use when reaching out to you.

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