In a world that is always evolving with new technology, it’s necessary for digital marketers to place constant attention on emerging trends. If you’re looking to remain relevant in 2020 and beyond, then staying on top of these digital marketing trends will help you stay ahead.

Voice Search

Thanks to popular voice assistant technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, voice search will continue its rise in popularity in the new year. According to Edison Trends 2018 report on Prime Day, Amazon Alexa devices saw a 28x jump in sales. This just goes to show how many people are using voice searches in their day to day routine.

Digital marketers can capitalize on this trend by ensuring their search engine optimization tactics are friendly to those searching by voice. Furthermore, there are more opportunities to create unique advertising for voice search devices. An Alexa flash briefing, for example, is an easy, cost effective way to create new content that’s unique to this emergent platform.

Website Chat Windows

If you’ve visited any website in the past year, then you’ve likely noticed that a chat window is almost always available in the lower right corner of the page. Chat windows will only continue to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Automated chat windows are an excellent way to address customer concerns in real time, offer more information on products and services, and attract attention towards your mailing list or social media profiles.

Installing a chat window on your website is an easy to way to provide more depth for your visitors. If you’re not using one today, then get started now. Website chat windows are here to stay.

Local SEO

Prioritizing your local SEO will continue to be vital for your digital marketing efforts in 2020. While many businesses are tempted to optimize for customer bases outside of their own local community, this is foolish unless you’ve already built a local awareness of your brand. By appealing to customers in your own community, you create the type of brand loyalty that leads to even greater upward growth in larger markets.

Getting your digital marketing strategy ready for the new year does not have to be a source of stress. With Smart Link Solutions on your side, you’ll find that keeping up with the latest trends to grow your business is easier than ever. Contact us today!