online advertisingIt’s not a secret that more the world is moving online. And there’s no question that it’s fundamentally changing the way you need to do business.

But most importantly, now is a great time to advertise online. Here are three reasons why you need to be running online ads right now.

1. The world is moving online

Stay-at-home orders have been in place across the country, and it could be months before things go entirely back to normal even once stay at home orders are lifted.

In the past month, some businesses are seeing online sales up 200-300%,¬†while 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of permanently closing. That’s a huge difference. So if you don’t move online as well, it’s possible your business won’t survive.

2. Your competitors may have decreased advertising efforts

Platforms like Facebook are seeing record usage, yet fewer advertisers are spending money on ads. That means there’s room for your business to cut through the noise.

Even if you run an offline business, you can stay in customers’ minds by buying cheap advertising. So when your business finally opens up again, you already have customers lined up. In contrast, your competitors may be forgotten altogether.

3. Online advertising is cheaper

Because most businesses are not advertising, ad prices are dropping. For instance, Google Ads could be as much as 35% cheaper, and many large companies are reducing their ad spend by 80%.

That means you can get a discount on ads. Meaning with even a modest budget, you can run more ads than ever before.

This trend isn’t even specific to Google. Facebook and Twitter are also seeing a drastic drop in advertising prices.

So whatever your business, now’s a fantastic time to propel your business forward with online ads. If you’d like help kickstarting your PPC advertising campaign during this pandemic, contact SmartLink Solutions today.