email marketingEmail marketing is still highly relevant today. And as a matter of fact, your email list is one of the most valuable aspects of your marketing strategy. If your current campaigns are not yielding the results you would like, this is not because email marketing doesn’t work. You just need to modify your strategy.

Whether the problem is with your open-rate or lack of subscribers or engagement, there is an underlying reason why your email marketing is failing. Here are 3 factors that may be contributing to your failed strategy.

Weak Subject Lines

The average consumer receives over 100 emails per day and that number only continues to grow. This means that in order for your email to earn that click, you have to stand out amongst all the other noise.

An effective subject line will have a positive impact on both your open-rate and engagement.

There a few steps you can take to create an effective subject line:

  • Add personalization
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Add keywords in the beginning
  • Add a sense of urgency or highlight the value
  • Tell them exactly what’s inside the email

It is also important to take advantage of the preheader text to further clarify what’s included inside the email.

Poor targeting

One very common reason for low engagement on your emails is due to poor targeting.

You should segment your email lists so that you can target very specific buyer personas with your messaging. Some subscribers may respond favorably to one subject line or promotional offer whereas others may have a different reaction to it.

Lack of Value

A very important part of any solid marketing strategy is to build trust with your audience. It shouldn’t feel like you’re only dropping into someone’s inbox to make a sell.

Your focus should always be on offering value to your audience. The sales will come naturally. As an added benefit, offering value to your prospects and customers is another way to grow your email list.

You can give away free resources such as eBooks, workbooks, challenges, webinars, etc. to start growing your list of subscribers.

Email marketing can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line when done correctly. If you need help with your email marketing strategy, contact Smart Link Solutions today to see how we can help.