privacy policyIf your website or your mobile app will collect any personal information from its users, you will need a privacy policy. A privacy policy details the type of personal information your website or app will collect, how that information will be used, and how it’s protected. Your website needs a privacy policy for several reasons, including:

Legal Requirements

Governments around the world require privacy policies for apps and websites. While there’s no single federal law concerning privacy policies in the U.S., various state and federal laws address online privacy. One of the strictest is the California Online Privacy Protection Act. No matter where your company is located, your website must comply with CalOPPA, because there’s a good chance your site will be used by a California resident.

In addition, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to companies within the European Union (EU) as well as international companies that collect personal information from users within the EU. Companies that do not comply with privacy laws risk being fined.

Required By Third Parties

Many popular third-party sites mandate a privacy policy, including Facebook, Apple, and Google. If you plan to use Google Analytics or Google AdSense, or if you intend to sell an app in Apple’s App Store or on Google Play, a privacy policy will be required.

Build Trust With Your Users

Transparency builds trust. Providing your users with a privacy policy will make them feel more secure. A clear privacy policy sends a message to users that your company can be trusted. This sense of trust can even boost conversions, turning more website visitors into paying customers. Research has found that customers are more willing to follow a call to action if the company has a privacy policy in place.

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