Outdated web designs can leave visitors to your website with a less than ideal impression of your business. If you’ve been on the fence about refreshing or updating, taking stock of how users interact and experience navigating through could be telling. From an extensive load time to cluttered content and inconsistent branding; recognizing any combination of these indicators may signal it’s due for renewal! Investing in a modernized approach will engage current customers while ensuring potential leads get to know what makes you stand out from competitors.

1. Your Pages Are Slow

Slow page loading times can lead to frustration for users, causing them to bounce off the site without engaging. A website redesign can provide solutions for faster loading times and subsequently lower bounce rates – leading to higher SERP rankings according to Google’s standards. So ensure your pages appear quickly on desktops as well as mobiles for an optimal user experience.

2. There Are Broken Or Outdated Links

Neglecting even small areas of your website can have a detrimental effect on the success of your business. Are broken links, expired promotions and outdated design keeping you from achieving the levels of SEO optimization you’re going for? If so, it’s time to revitalize your webpages with an updated layout tailored for today’s modern user experience.

3. You Navigation Is Hard To Navigate

Unrivaled customer experiences begin with seamless website navigation. Ensuring that your visitors can navigate through the site, find what they want quickly and easily, and ultimately buy from you starts by taking user experience into account when designing or improving existing webpages. Doing so will give customers a natural way to follow their intentions while also helping reach company goals – think of an eCommerce store where browsing transitions seamlessly between product pages on the homepage until finally reaching checkout without experiencing any unwanted distractions. This is essential when creating online experiences customers will want to return back too.

4. A Change In Goals

As your business journey progresses, it’s essential to ensure that the content and design of your website reflects its changing mission, values and objectives. Enhancing digital marketing performance demands a periodic review – make sure you carve out time in the calendar for this important task so that any kinks are spotted early on before they can cause issues later down the line.

5. Your Design Isn’t Responsive

Our mobile-first world means that companies have to think digital and be prepared for the majority of consumers who now use their phones or tablets first. Ignoring this shift can result in lost customers and outdated designs, so it’s essential to make sure your website is responsive enough to scale up or down depending on users’ devices; keeping pages accessible no matter how they’re accessing them ensures everyone gets a smooth experience with every visit.

How Smart Link Can Help

Is your site committing any of the mentioned indicators? Smart Link Solutions can help you create the perfect digital home for your brand. From strategizing to design, we’ll work with you every step of the way and ensure that visitors get an eye-catching experience when they visit. Get in touch today!