local seo strategiesLocal SEO is growing in importance. If you want to get more traffic, leads, and higher conversion rates, you need to use on-page search engine optimization techniques. By tweaking your webpages, you appear more often in local search results.

Choose the Best Keywords

For local on-page SEO, every page of your website has to be optimized. This includes mentioning the city, state, or neighborhood you want to rank for. With keyword research, you can find the most popular search terms for your area. You use keywords for your niche such as “Wixom, MI” or “plumbing; “keyword phrases such as “Boston plumbing”; and long-tail keywords such as “fix a broken water pipe.”


Create Descriptive Metadata

The metadata is the unique keywords or keyword phrases for each webpage. The metadata includes the URL, page title, page description, and alt text for the images. The page title and description should promote your business. The description appears in the search results so you have to make a good first impression.


Add Location Pages

You need a webpage for each of your business locations. This helps search engines to find your location pages and deliver them in the results pages when people search for your type of business. Every location page needs the NAP – name, address, and phone number. Other useful information is store hours and Google Maps. If you have just one location, use the “About” page to discuss the location.

Publish Local Content

Another way to improve search results with on-page SEO is to write content about local news, events, charities, landmarks, and places of interest. This information is a good way to capture attention from residents in the community. The content can be webpages, blog posts or videos.


Link to Internal Pages

One necessary SEO technique is internal linking, which helps you to rank higher on search engines. With internal linking, you link one page on your website to a different page on your website.

By following these actionable on-page SEO strategies, you get your business to stand out from the competition on search engines. To learn more about local search optimization, visit the Smart Link Solutions website and contact us.