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In the last year or so, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a big deal. It’s fundamentally transforming numerous industries at an unprecedented pace – probably faster than any innovation since the internet itself. And its impact is about to get bigger.

Microsoft recently announced a new kind of computer. The AI PC.

We’ve discussed AI before (here, here, and here) – but now that new PCs are about to be released with built-in AI, artificial intelligence is gearing up to become even faster and more omnipresent than it already is.

This will, in all likelihood, change the way local entrepreneurs use computers to run their businesses. Let’s dive in and explore what’s coming.


Why Add Built-In AI to PCs?

Right now, AI software pretty much runs on the cloud. You sign into a website or app, give it instructions and whatever information it needs to complete its task, and it sends you back the results.

But that’s all about the change.

With built-in AI capabilities, PCs are about to gain some key advantages.

Speed: Without having to wait for the information to shoot out into the internet and make its way back, AI tasks will be completed way more quickly.

Energy Efficiency: When you use AI over the cloud, the actual number crunching happens in massive data centers that are gobbling up tons of energy. By shifting some of the processing load away from these data centers, companies are aiming to cut down on electricity and emissions.

Privacy and Security: Also, by eliminating the need to broadcast your company’s information across the internet in order to use AI systems, you’ll gain better privacy and security over your data.


What Makes AI PCs Different?

When it comes to the brains of the operation, PCs rely on two pieces of hardware.

The central processing unit (CPU) handles all the computing tasks, running the operating system and apps like Word and Excel.

The graphics processing unit (GPU) was originally invented to improve graphics and video rendering for games. But, over the years, it’s gotten more versatile, speeding up all kinds of parallel processes.

But in order to become a dedicated AI machine, a PC needs a new piece of hardware.

Introducing the neural processing unit (NPU), which is specially optimized for processing huge amounts of multimedia data in order to run AI-specific tasks like object detection and speech recognition.

For now, the NPU will work together with the GPU in order to efficiently carry out AI tasks. But, in the future, the NPU will become powerful enough to handle all the artificial thinking on its own.


How Will AI Change Computers?

Put simply, we’re not sure yet. It’s tough to predict just how big the effect will be going forward – but odds are, it’s going to be huge.

Or as HP CEO Enrique Lores recently described AI PCs, “It’s probably one of the biggest changes in the PC industry since the PC was invented…”

Right now, here are some of the advanced features to look forward to:

Copilot Key: Recently added to Microsoft keyboards, the Copilot key will provide quick access to the Copilot AI assistant. It will answer your questions; teach you how to use different programs; and help you with all kinds of tasks like writing, coding, and designing.

Recall: The new Recall feature will act as a kind of photographic memory for your computer. It can remember everything you create, browse, etc. Then, if you need to find something (a document, a website, just about anything), you can literally “rewind” through an explorable timeline of everything you did. Luckily, you can also delete any memories if you want to.

AI Art: For as long as I can remember, Microsoft Paint has been a fun app to jump into and start doodling. But now your artwork can be turbocharged with AI. Just sketch out a quick drawing, then use AI to recreate it in any style you choose (like oil painting, pixelated, realistic).

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The Next Level of Computing

Computers are, of course, essential to running a business nowadays. And, as they take a big leap forward with built-in AI, we can expect a lot of changes coming to the way business owners take care of their tasks. Hopefully, this new technology will provide plenty of benefits.

With things evolving so quickly, even the most tech savvy business owners can start to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it’s so important to have the right partner when it comes to your digital marketing efforts.

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