Research has shown that over 2 billion consumers shopped online in 2020. According to Statista, retail ecommerce sales had surpassed 209.5 billion USD in the third quarter of 2020, and these numbers are currently on an upward trend.

With more and more consumers turning to the internet to do their shopping, this landscape is quite naturally growing more competitive for business owners.

e-CommerceIf you want to stay ahead of the competition and increase your online sales, here are 3 e-commerce strategies you will want to implement asap.


Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Getting a visitor to land on your website is only half the battle. Once they land on your website, you ultimately want them to take some sort of action.

Whether you want the visitor to make a purchase, join your mailing list, or contact you for more information, you should always make it as easy as possible for the user to take that next step.

If your website is too confusing or poorly organized, you run the risk of missing out on a potential sale.

It is true. First impressions are everything.

You need a responsive website that makes it easy for a visitor to locate the information they are looking for. Even if they don’t convert immediately, there is a good chance that they may return to your website later if they were able to find the information they were looking for.

Really focus your attention on the customer experience as a whole.


Step Up Your Content Marketing

Content marketing will continue to play a major role in your digital marketing success in 2021.

You need to share engaging content with your target audience to build trust and establish your company as an expert in its industry.

It is quite likely that your audience is on the internet interacting with digital content, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Here is an idea of the type of content you may choose to create this year:

  • Blog posts
  • Social posts
  • Quizzes
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Opt-in freebies

Experiment with different types of content and measure your success. This will help you understand the interests of your audience so that you can tailor your content to their needs.

Your content marketing strategy is what will ultimately catapult you ahead of the competition and expand your reach.


Give Your SEO a Tune-Up

Take advantage of “free” or organic traffic by giving your SEO a boost.

Search Engine Optimization can be easily overlooked when mapping out your digital marketing strategy. This is why working with a professional digital marketing agency can be so beneficial.

There are specific elements that impact your Search engine ranking. Here are just a few:

  • Security of your website
  • Website accessibility
  • Navigation of your website
  • Web page titles
  • URLs
  • Image alt text
  • Target keywords
  • Page speed
  • Domain name
  • User experience
  • Linkable content
  • Redirects

There are also many more elements including off-page SEO that impact your SEO.

It is highly recommended that you work with an SEO-professional to give your search engine ranking a boost.


E-commerce is a booming industry, and is one that will continue to grow this year. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost sales in your business by using the strategies outlined in this guide.

If you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy, contact Smart Link Solutions today to see how we can help.