Google Virtual tourWith every passing month, more and more businesses and visitor-centered locations are becoming part of the cutting-edge digital landscape: They are acquiring the services of a trusted digital technician and creating virtual, 360 video tours of their business environment.

These tours function in much the same way as a Google Street View image, allowing a user to walk through and explore high-fidelity, 3D views of a space as if they were really there, all via the remote convenience of their PC or phone. Aided by Google Virtual Tours, businesses put themselves in the hyper-visible forefront of both Google Search and potential customers’ minds.

How Can a Google Virtual Tour Elevate My Businesses’ Visibility?

Giving potential visitors the option to enjoy a digital walkthrough:

  • Increases their trust and familiarity. Customers who have seen your business know you are transparent and proud of the environment you curate for visitors. By the time they visit, they are welcomed into an already-familiar space.
  • Aids confidence in accessibility. Potential visitors concerned about mobility and accessibility benefit greatly from seeing a space before their visit. When they come to the space in person, they can relax; already assured that your space can accommodate their needs.
  • Amplifies Google Search Relevance. Google Search and Google Maps put your Virtual Tour on the forefront of your businesses digital presence, amplifying search relevance and making it easier for customers to find you online.

How is a Google Virtual Tour Created?

To have a virtual tour created for your business, arrange a visit from a skilled technician from Smart Link Solutions. With specialized 360 imaging equipment, they’ll capture all the necessary 3D image files required to create your virtual walking tour and aid in adding it to your GMB (Google My Business) details alongside your other customer-facing information.

To arrange a visit and create your very own Google Virtual Tour, don’t hesitate to contact us at Smart Link Solutions.