Local SEOSince the invention of the Internet, findability has become a major goal of companies, including local companies. This is because of the traffic found on search engines by users of computers, tablets, iPads, or smartphones. Like business owners, these consumers are often busy and want to find their product/service and find it for the best deal. Your company needs findability in order to meet demand. That is where tags and content come in for increasing your findability.

Tags and content are interrelated when it comes to web searches.  For example, the user may type in key words in order to find a particular product.  You want yours to stand out from your competitors.  As a result, your findability needs to be optimized.  This can be done by having accurate tags with accurate content.  If your potential customers are looking for “meatballs,” your tag cannot be “Italian food” and expect to have those customers that desire meatballs to necessarily come in.  This leads us to content.  Your content must match your tags.  Using the earlier example, for “meatballs,” you would not want your tag to say “meat balls.”  This may cause your company to be overlooked entirely during the search. Most importantly, for local findability, the location of your business must be emphasized in order to allow local users to find the company.

By optimizing your findability, it makes it easier to track how often consumers search for specific items and in specific areas.  This tracking can be used to expand your product and customer base, allowing your company to grow and increase your profitability.  Findability is a vital part of your business’s success.  In short, the more accessible and easy to find your company is, the more your company will succeed.  Contact us today to find out how we can help.