Your general contractor website can help you make more money by bringing you more leads. For that to happen, there are specific elements your website needs for your general contractor website to bring you the results you want.

First, identify what type of jobs make you the most money. It might be cabinet work, kitchen remodeling, or installing new windows and doors. Whatever it may be, if these are the kinds of projects you want more of, then highlight this on your website.

Emphasize the Work You Want to Do

Next, make sure your website features that specialty. Include great photos and copywriting about that specialty. Let’s say you want more custom cabinet jobs. Be sure to include photos of great-looking cabinets. Write website copy that reflects your expertise as a custom cabinet maker. Finally, dedicate an entire page on your website to your custom cabinet service.

Go Long (With Keywords)

On your custom cabinet work page and on your home page, you’ll want to use “long-tail” keywords. Long-tail keywords are more detailed phrases about your specialty. For example, use a long-tail keyword like “Custom cabinets in West Bloomfield” instead of “Detroit remodeler”. These long-tail keywords perform better in Google searches. They perform better because it’s more like how people actually do Google searches.

Generate Leads with Photos

Make sure to include high-quality photos of work you’re especially proud of to make it clear you’re great at what you do. If you don’t have any, start taking photos of every job – before and after shots are particularly effective.

Keep a portfolio of great photos on your website and label each project photo with a header or caption describing the job. This will help search engines, like Google, identify your specialty. This, in turn, helps people searching for your specialty to find your site. (And if you’re familiar with website HTML code, make sure the image’s Alt Text has this description, too.)

A great online portfolio can also support any print advertising you may run. On your print ads, include a message like, “Visit our website to see examples of our work.”

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