graphic of a business owner looking sad because website is replaced with error messagePicture this: You’re running a flourishing local business.

You created your website with Google Business Profile. It serves as the cornerstone of your digital identity… And then, suddenly, Google pulls the plug.

You’re stunned, left scrambling for a solution with your website potentially disappearing from the internet. This isn’t a bad dream. For some business owners, it’s about to become reality. Google recently announced it would be shutting down all websites created through Business Profiles.

Not to worry, though. You’ve got options. We’re going to sail through the choppy waters of this announcement, wade into the details, and guide you to the lifeboats – alternative tools to reconstruct your online ship.


Google’s Game-Changer – No More Business Profile Websites

In a decision that’s left many surprised, Google plans to deactivate websites created with Google Business Profiles in March.

These websites end with the domain:

For example,

For visitors attempting to access these sites after March, they’ll be redirected to each company’s Business Profile until June 10th. After that, they’ll face a dead end with a “page not found” error.


Business Blues – The Fallout of Google’s Decision

For many businesses, this means they must create new websites. Which can seem like a daunting process.

So, how did we get here? Let’s go back a bit.

For local businesses trying to establish an online presence, Google Business Profile used to offer the chance to make a simple but effective website on the subdomain

It was an excellent option for small businesses that didn’t have the resources to create a full-blown website from scratch. But each site was powered by the information in the Business Profile – which, to a certain extent, made the website redundant.

This is why, to help with the transition away from these websites, visitors will be redirected to your Business Profile, where they can still find key information about your company. You can add social media links to your profile, and even update your profile to include the link to a new website.


To the Lifeboats – Alternate Tools for Your Website

While the announcement may be a setback for some local businesses, there are plenty of options. Website creation platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify (Smart Link is a Shopify partner), and WordPress – just to name a few.

Not only that, but Smart Link Solutions offers web design services and packages. We use a fully responsive design process that allows your content to be accessed seamlessly from tablet, mobile, and desktop.

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For new website customers that are affected by this change, we’re offering the first year of web hosting free with a new website purchase.

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