While the holidays aren’t here (yet), tis the season to roll out holiday marketing campaigns.

As November and December loom closer, your customers are making their lists and checking them twice to finalize what they need to do as the holidays approach.

You already know you need to stay one step ahead of them to put your goods and services on their “nice list”, all those boxes they need to tick off before the holidays are here. You also know that now’s the time to begin rolling out your holiday marketing campaign, or you could find yourself with customers who put you on the back burner until January, a proverbial “naughty list”.

Are you stuck in a rut this year? Let us shine a light ahead to guide the way to a brighter holiday!

Where do you fit in the holidays?

While some services can naturally fit into the holidays, others might struggle. For those that can’t seem to know where the fit in the scheme of marketing this time of year, it’s actually easier than it looks.

For example, do you repair cars? It might seem like the holidays aren’t you time to shine, but consider this: you fortify cars against snowy roads so families can drive to see Grandma safely. If you have a home repair service (plumbing, electrical) you can help your customers fix their bathroom to accommodate holiday guests – or help them put up more lights than Clark Griswold without short-circuiting the neighborhood?

With some out-of-the-box thinking, you’ll find a way onto your customers’ holiday to-do lists in no time! Plus, you can incorporate special deals and holiday discounts to incentivize customers to buy. If you’re still struggling, reach out to us for some marketing help in the form of …

Add some tinsel to your marketing

It’s time to deck the halls, and your marketing campaigns, with holiday cheer! In order for your customers to know about your holiday specials and promotions, your marketing campaign needs to be on point. Here’s what you can do right now to remind your customers that you’re there for them during the holidays and inform them about upcoming deals and promotions.

Typically, holiday marketing campaigns can include surface changes to your website like a festive banner, social media engagement centering around the holidays, or an email campaign highlighting seasonal promotions. To really stand out though, we have a service that can take your holiday and add a little extra happy into it.

Message on Hold allows you to communicate to your audience while they’re waiting to speak with you or one of your teammates. Instead of listening to elevator music or a similar “thank you for holding” or “we appreciate your patience” message over and over again, you can inform your customers about holiday deals and promotions, changing holiday hours, or simply add a holiday greeting!

If you already have Message on Hold, is your message on hold in need of a holiday glow-up? Remember to include your holiday sales, promotions, and new holiday hours if you have them in your messaging! That way, you can be sure that if a customer calls you, you can keep them abreast of any holiday changes as part of your overall marketing campaign!

Did you know that Message on Hold customers receive a FREE generic holiday or Christmas production? The deadline for this year is looming fast, so call soon to receive this offer in 2021! Want to learn more about message on hold or sign up for an account? Contact us today at 248-684-0500!

When you call and order Message on Hold today, receive a FREE installation with an annual contract.