snowmanDoes it seem too early to talk about the holidays? I think so too. That said, everyone in the Message on Hold industry is gearing up for the busy holiday production season. It’s the busiest time of the year for Message on Hold providers and it’s crazy.

Each year, Smart Link Solutions offers current Message on Hold subscribers a complimentary “generic” message to play during the holidays. The generic message is a tangible way to let clients know how much they’re appreciated. Everyone seems to enjoy the messages and it’s a very popular part of our Message on Hold program.

Smart Link Solutions’ generic holiday message is available in both a “holiday” and a “Christmas” version. The messages include a variety of “thank you” phrases, as well as warm wishes for both the holidays and New Year. They’re voiced by professional voice talents and, depending upon the version you select, mixed with an upbeat holiday or Christmas music selection. It’s a festive way for businesses to celebrate the season with their callers.

A generic message isn’t right for every business. Smart Link Solutions also offers customized message options. For many clients, a custom holiday message is a great option. It allows the business to continue educating and entertaining callers throughout the holiday season, while the business promotes its unique products and services.

Smart Link Solutions offers two options for customized holiday messages. The first option is the custom holiday remix. With this option, Smart Link Solution takes a client’s current script and mixes it with holiday (or Christmas) music. The cost is one production change. Client input is minimal; script approval isn’t required. Voice talent and music selection is optional. It’s a great choice for clients who are strapped for time.

Similar to a custom holiday remix, the second option adds holiday text to a client’s current script. Script approval is required. Voice talent and music selection is optional. The cost is the same – one “change” from the client’s “production bank.” It’s a great choice for clients who have time to review and approves the script OR for clients who wish to make script changes and produce both regular and holiday messages.

A customized holiday message is an especially good option for clients with unused productions in their production packages. Tom Pelon, president of Smart Link Solutions, meets with a lot of clients at renewal time who have unused productions in their “banks.” He suggests these clients:

    • Make script updates if they have content changes;
    • “Freshen up” the voice talent and music selections of their current scripts if they don’t have content changes; and/or
    • Plan to create a custom holiday or Christmas production.

“If you eliminate time-sensitive dates and offers, you can continue to use a holiday message in the years to come,” per Pelon.

Holiday messages aren’t right for every business. As with all marketing decisions, whether to play a holiday message depends on a business’ target market demographics and goals.

If you’re already a Smart Link Solutions Message on Hold subscriber, head to Smart Link Solutions to place your holiday order today. It’s due on October 24th.

If you’re not part of the Smart Link Solutions’ Message on Hold family, it’s a great time to get started!
Sign up today at Smart Link Solutions. Now through September 21st, we’ll throw in a free custom holiday remix for 2018. Sweet!

Enjoy the final days of summer!

Betty Green has been a copywriter with Smart Link Solutions since 2008. She has an MS in Organization Development with an emphasis on organization communication, as well as a BBA in Management from Eastern Michigan University. She taught business communication courses to undergraduates at Concordia University and has worked professionally in a variety of industries.