internet phone servicesComputer technology has transformed telephone systems. There’s no need for a business to pay phone company rates for calls. Office phones don’t have to be just in the office. Today the standard for business phone systems is Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. With a hosted phone service, you gain all the features of Internet telephony and can let employees connect from anywhere.

Commuting to the office every day isn’t the best use of everyone’s time. People working at customer sites or branch offices need to stay in touch. Being reachable at home when snow has made a mess of the streets lets employees stay productive. They can connect with their smartphones whether they’re in the office or on the other side of the country.

VoIP adoption is rapidly growing, and it now accounts for more than 50% of both SMB and enterprise phone traffic.

Features and savings

A hosted phone system gives your business features that aren’t available with old-fashioned systems. You can redirect calls, set up an auto-attendant, and block unwanted calls. If you currently have an on-premises VoIP PBX and are looking to upgrade, your existing handsets will work. You can use analog telephone adapters (ATAs) for less-used phones to lower your transition costs.

If you have multiple offices, they can all be part of a single phone system. An employee at the remote office is on an extension you can access directly; there’s no need to call an outside line. The connection is secure, and no one can eavesdrop on your calls.

Phones on the premises can connect by Ethernet or Wi-Fi, using their own smartphones if company policy allows it. Access controls ensure that only authorized callers can use the system. Quality-of-service features will make dropped connections rare and keep calls consistently clear.

The cost of calling with VoIP is dramatically less than PSTN rates. It’s easier to track VoIP phone usage and make sure no one’s making excessive personal calls.

Moving to VoIP brings huge rewards, and we can help you find the best solution for your business. Contact us for a free consultation.