Message on HoldA potential lead calls your business, you’ve trained your sales representatives to close the deal, but the representative is already on the line with another caller. The lead is put on hold, and without any engagement, the caller may hang up.

One Google consumer survey found that 57.8% of callers will wait up to 5 minutes before hanging up the phone. Roughly 32% of respondents were not willing to wait on a sales representative.

Our Message on Hold service can help increase caller retention through:

1. Engaging the Caller With a Marketing Message

Callers are kept on the line with a professional recording that uses professional copywriters and voice talents to convey your business’ marketing message. Through this engagement, it’s possible to keep callers waiting on the line for longer.

The goal is to keep the caller on the line until your sales representative can answer.

A sales rep will close the lead while Message on Hold engages the caller to keep them on the line longer.

2. Music to Break the Silence

Silence will cause 90% of callers to hang up within forty seconds. Music has been shown to increase the time callers are willing to stay on the line by at least 30 seconds. When you add in a marketing message and voice, this time increases.

When information is provided, the majority of callers will be willing to wait for three minutes before hanging up.

3. Additional Contact Points

Messages can include information about your business, such as your business’ address, live chat and website. You can list your business hours, and also provide information that helps convert the lead faster when the sales rep picks up the phone.

The right message can help nurture a lead while they’re on hold, ensures that the caller is retained for longer and allows your business the opportunity to convert the sale.

Silence will cause a lead to hang up and call a competitor.

Learn more about our Message on Hold service or contact us to see how we can help keep your customers engaged when they’re on hold.