Did you know that 81% of consumers are dissatisfied being bound to a phone or computer when they require customer service? Now, imagine their annoyance if they’re put on hold and forced to listen to silence, antiquated messages, or crackly radio.

In the end, hold times are unavoidable in most cases, and trying to get rid of them entirely is unrealistic. The good news is that a helpful and informative hold message may make a huge impact for your callers as well as yourself. A call to action encouraging visitors to text you will dramatically reduce contact volume and wait times.

You’re not alone if you despise being put on hold during a phone conversation. Businesses have developed methods to make your wait more interesting, such as on-hold music and on-hold messaging, in response to you and others just like you.

It is more pleasant than dead air, and the wait may appear shorter if you use on-hold messaging. On-hold messaging provides a benefit over these options because businesses can promote themselves or their goods or services. An on-hold message might provide anything from amusing facts to information about special events and discounts.

As the sophistication of marketing and messages grows, so has the technology that allows for on-hold messaging. On-hold messaging, like many other digital features, is now part of the internet age.

Gone are the eight-minute magnetic tape loops that wore out after overuse. They’ve been replaced by disks and MP3 files that run on CD players and digital announcers attached to the messaging part of the company’s phone system. With MP3 files, changing a message is as simple as going online and downloading the vendor’s replacement from there.

What is the purpose of on-hold messaging? What are some of the drawbacks of on-hold messages? Let’s begin by looking at how marketing and customer happiness are linked to on-hold communications.

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