Reputation managementWhen you’re spending so much time designing your website, making products and services that your customers love, and putting out interesting and relevant content, it can take away time from managing online reviews and customer questions. Even one bad review or unanswered question can be a serious dark mark on your reputation. It’s hard to respond to every review and solve every problem, especially if your products and services are a big success. Following a plan for reputation management can make every review that’s less than perfect work for you instead of against you and it can all actually be quite simple.

Know Your Own Limits

This sounds counterproductive but the concept works in your favor. Knowing your limits allows you to set aside questions and reviews that should be delegated and answer the most important questions yourself.

  • Decide what you feel is most important. It might be that your business benefits most from customer interaction through responses to reviews. You may do better answering questions about your products and services. Figure out what makes you most comfortable and what your customers want most.
  • Read through reviews and social media comments. You don’t have to go back through all interactions with your business but take a look at what people are saying lately. This helps you see what people want from you and if there’s anything lacking in general from your business.
  • Don’t take it personally. One of the worst things you could do is to get heated and emotional with a person interacting with your business in any way. If something makes you feel angry or upset at all, walk away, take a moment to yourself, and approach the situation with a clear head later.

Delegate Reputation Management

Once you know your own limits and how you can best serve your customers in interactions, you’ll know what you need to delegate. Split things up into reviews, questions, and answering people on your different social media platforms. Use the same assessment for those that you delegate task that you used to figure out what works best for you. If you’re still unsure about what to do, contact us for more information about reputation management and help from the professionals in handling your customer interactions.