One of the most important things you can do when customers and prospects call your line is to keep them engaged. This is your opportunity to increase customer retention, boost sales, and make a great first impression. The best way to impress your callers is with an effective on-hold message.

Whether your callers are being transferred to the appropriate line or waiting on hold, it is important to hold their interest. You basically need to create a waiting room for your phone lines. This “waiting room” shouldn’t simply be a holding cell for callers waiting to speak with a representative.

Instead, you should aim to improve the caller’s experience by carefully selecting hold music and messaging to fill the time.

message on hold servicesCustom Messaging

You can add custom messaging to your Message on Hold to advertise products and services or even to answer frequently asked questions. This is also an opportunity to share any important announcements. It may even be the appropriate time to educate your client about new COVID protocols at your office.

Not only will this keep the caller engaged, but it can also make the representative’s job easier and cut down the call time. The caller may have had their questions answered through the messaging alone. They may also have new questions regarding specific products, services, and specials.

Hold Music

The only thing worse than listening to dead silence while waiting on the line is having to listen to choppy or boring hold music. Both silence and poor music selection can make the wait time seem longer than it actually is.

Avoid making this mistake by choosing music that is seasonally appropriate, fun, and an accurate reflection of your brand.

Maximize your ROI and pull ahead of the competition by demonstrating your value on every call.  Contact Smart Link Solutions today to learn more about our professional custom messaging services.