‘Tis the season for holiday prep, and your on-hold messaging should not be excluded from the festivities. Tailoring your messages on-hold to the season is the perfect way to boost sales and attract new customers as they get into the holiday spirit.

Consumers love to see businesses show some personality. They are also more likely to work with companies that stay on top of current trends.

Festive on-hold messagingBy updating your on-hold messaging to align with the holiday season, you can take your marketing to new heights. Here are some ways to make your on-hold messaging more festive.


Use Cheerful Holiday Music

Change your hold music to popular Christmas tunes or music that generally lifts people’s spirits. From jingling bells to Christmas carolers, there are so many ways to add some holiday cheer to your hold music. A lot of our customer leave the messaging and change the music to match the holiday season.


Add a Holiday Greeting

Your on-hold messaging basically acts as your company’s greeting card to callers.

This is a great opportunity to thank them for their business and wish them a happy holiday and New Year. Doing so will help you to build a stronger relationship with current customers and can also encourage prospects to choose your company for their next purchase.


Share Special Holiday Offers

Let your callers know that you have a gift for them during this season of giving. You can do this by sharing the details of your exclusive holiday promos.

If there is a product or service that has been particularly popular this year, now may be a good time to offer it at a discount as a thank you to your customers. Not only will your customers get to enjoy the extra savings, but you can enjoy the extra sales as well.

Now is the time to start planning your holiday messaging.  If you are already a Smart Link customer, you can receive a generic holiday message for free!!  You may also choose to use your productions to create a custom holiday greeting that you can recycle over the years, just make sure you avoid  limited time offers and dates in this particular messaging.

Get ahead of the holiday rush and call Smart Link Solutions today to begin transforming your on-hold messaging for the holidays.