Digital advertising comes in many different varieties, including display advertising (those web banners next to your favorite Youtube videos), sponsored ads (such as those on Google and Facebook), and of course, search ads—just to name a few!

So where do you start?

While there are so many online options to choose from, reaching your intended audience will still require a little bit of work. Here what you need to think about…

Know your Audience

Knowing the demographics of the people most likely to buy your product or service helps when deciding on the platform and technology to deliver that message. For example, is your prospective customer more likely to do a Google search, or ask for a recommendation on social media? So figuring out who your customers really are is an important first step.  But even if you get your message in front of them, that’s only half the battle.

Be Original

Knowing your audience is also important for crafting a message that will have impact. If you know your audience, it allows you to create a compelling, tailor-made message that speaks directly to them. It allows you to create a message that gets your audience to actually take action. So you need good, original content that moves people—and in turn, products. The content of your message must keep people engaged, entertained and coming back for more!

Here’s an example:  YouTube celebrities and commercial-makers Rhett and Link made witty (and often outrageous) videos that generated millions of views for small businesses. These were cheesy, retro-style TV ads. And while you don’t have to break out a fake mustache, you can win over big crowds by being entertaining, and authentically you. So go against the grain and dare to be different!

Keep it short and sweet

Don’t say too much! Stick with short messages that pack a wallop and avoid clichés. Hook readers in with a memorable joke, a one liner, or a quick play on words.


Whatever your approach, try to make an emotional connection with your audience. At its core, your message should be authentic. A little passion goes a long way.

Need help with your digital advertising content? Not even sure where to start? Contact Smart Link Solutions now. After all, that’s what we’re here for…