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We’ve discussed the importance of social media to the success of modern businesses before – but there’s another dimension to consider: the dominance of major corporations in social media, which can make things tough on local businesses.

Standing out from the crowd can be hard, especially when it feels like major social media platforms, like Instagram, aren’t providing any meaningful support for local creators.

Fortunately, Instagram is changing things with a big update to its algorithm.

There are 4 major moves that are designed to help level the playing field, allowing smaller brands to gain visibility more easily. Let’s jump right into the evolving landscape of social media.


1: Instagram’s New Ranking System

One of the most significant changes Instagram has implemented is a new ranking system designed to help smaller creators get noticed.

Unlike the old algorithm, which often favored larger accounts with higher engagement rates, this new system aims to give smaller creators a fairer chance at visibility.

By prioritizing content from many different kinds of accounts, Instagram ensures that users are exposed to a wider range of voices and perspectives. And that opens up a door of opportunity for local businesses to gain greater exposure, and connect with a broader audience.


2: Replacing Reposts with Original Content

A lot of content creators out there work hard to make compelling posts that can entertain, educate, or maybe start conversations.

The problem is, many other accounts simply repost that content, rather than create something of their own. Unfortunately, the original creators often miss out on a lot of those clicks.

Now, Instagram is making a concerted effort to promote innovation by replacing reposted content with original creations in its rankings.

If there are identical posts, now only the original will show up in recommendations. This move encourages smaller creators to produce unique, high-quality posts that resonate with the audience.

For local business owners, this change means that your original content has a better chance of being seen and appreciated. Whether it’s showcasing your products, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, or telling your brand’s story… Originality now holds more weight on Instagram.


3: Clearly Labeling Reposted Content

Taking things even further when it comes to differentiating between original and reposted content, Instagram has introduced labels that identify reposted material.

This allows people to easily distinguish between fresh content and recycled posts, encouraging them to engage more with original creations.

For local businesses, this means that your original posts can stand out more easily, and people will be able to recognize the effort you put into creating unique content. It also helps build trust and authenticity, which are crucial factors in growing your loyal customer base.


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4: Not Recommending Content Aggregators

Instagram is also removing content aggregators from its recommendations.

But wait – what are content aggregators?

Simply put, they’re social media accounts that gather and repost content that was originally created by other accounts.

For example, a content aggregator account might focus on classic cars. They’ll collect and recycle huge amounts of posts about classic cars. And, thanks to the convenience of putting all those posts in one place, they often gain a big following – even though they didn’t create any of the content themselves.

Content aggregators often flood the platform with so much reposted material, it’s tough for the original creators to be seen. By cutting down on these aggregators, Instagram is giving unique content a chance to shine.

Local businesses can benefit from this change, as it increases the likelihood that your posts will be recommended to users who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Leveling the Social Media Playing Field

Instagram’s updates are a game-changer for smaller creators and local businesses. By giving original content a chance to stand out against endless reposts and duplicates from bigger accounts, Instagram is creating new opportunities for local accounts to find visibility and engagement.

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