Spooky season is almost over, so it’s past time to start rolling out your holiday campaigns and bringing your products and services even more into the forefront of your customers’ minds.

As the holidays approach, there’s nothing more chilling than feeling like you’re scrambling at the last minute. The good news? There are fast ways to market your services so your customers know how you can help them during this busy, hectic time.

If you’re struggling to find a way to reach your audience now, or find a segue from Halloween to the rest of the holiday season, we have a few tricks and treats up our sleeve that could help you out.

Nothing’s scarier than …

If you own a business, no one knows more about your customer’s pain points than you. Right now, the weather’s getting colder and parties, gatherings, and large meals are creeping up on us fast! Is there anything scarier than being unprepared?

No matter what your business is, in some way, shape or form, you can use your products or services to help your customers beat the holiday rush or check some critical items off their to-do list before winter rolls in. Have a food service? Orders are filling up now for the holidays! Beautician? You know you’re already getting booked out for November and December! Mechanic? Those winter check-ups and snow tire installations need to be done soon, not later!

Even if the holidays are your slow season, promoting gift cards can go a long way. If gift cards aren’t for you, simple messages reminding your customer base that you’re here – even in your slow season – can boost your business when your busy season starts.

Dangers of the season

Every Halloween, there are potential tricks, treats, and dangers that fall into your business’s wheelhouse. If you’re a pediatrician, you can tell your customers about a safe Halloween costume to help trick-or-treaters be more visible to cars. Dentist? You already know that’s easy: Halloween candy, meet teeth (and educating your audience on good oral hygiene after they eat their weight in sweets).

For example, Burman and Zuckerbrod’s ophthalmology blog by Dr. Michael Garin featured a perennial Halloween fright that many eye doctors have to warn their patients about: Halloween contact lenses. By instructing their patients about how harmful these “one-size-fits-all” lenses are and why to steer clear from these lenses without consulting your eye doctor for a prescription, Dr. Garin ensures his patients know what to look out for this – and every – fall.

But … do you have time to put together an entire blog or email campaign? Even if you don’t right now, it’s not too late to send a message out.

Out of time?

The holidays are closing in, so starting an entire campaign when it’s down to the wire can feel daunting. Fortunately, it’s easy to blast a seasonal message on social media.

Toothache after biting into that caramel apple (or later, that candy cane)? Call us for a dental checkup! The first of the year is approaching, so if you’re a doctor’s office, remind your clients to contact you with updated insurance info, use any remaining balance in their health savings accounts – and schedule their annual check-up next year!

Rather than write an entire blog, a simple post here and there can do the trick to remind your customer base that you’re there for them during this busy, busy time.

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