As a digital marketing company, we like to toot our horn. We provide a lot of excellent services to our customers and welcome new clients all the time. That’s because we do great work for our clients and we’re not afraid to share what we can do for you and your business.

One of the most unique marketing solutions we have up our sleeve is our message on hold service. You probably know what this is, but in case you don’t, we create a unique message, complete with professional music and voice talent selections, that plays while you put customers on hold.

Message on hold is more than just listening to hold music or being left in silence until someone at your business can pick up. It’s a way to use your time to your advantage and tell your customers about the great deals, promotions, and solutions you can offer them.  Plus, it’s a science: people are more likely to stay on the line if they’re engaged.

But how do you know whether you have a great message on hold service that can provide you with everything you need to keep your customers on the line or not? Since we’ve been in the business for a while, we’ll happily tell you what to look for in a top-notch message on hold provider, and how we can keep your customers listening.

How long has your Message on Hold provider been in business?

This is an easy one. Years of experience equals a higher caliber of product. This isn’t just applicable to message on hold; it’s common sense. Apart from garnering the experience needed to create a great on-hold experience, companies who have been in business a long time often come with a diverse portfolio. That means they’ve created messages for anyone from doctor’s offices to spas to motor sports.

Plus, phone systems change over time. We’ve seen phone systems evolve from traditional copper wire setups and exclusively using tapes to digital, wireless phone systems and .mp3 recordings that can be directly uploaded without a technician. Although technology has appeared to march on, in our experience, we’ve seen it diversify. That’s why we cater to as many different stages of technology as possible, from wireless phone systems to tape players.

How flexible are they?

Your business isn’t one-size-fits all. Why should your message on hold provider be? Make sure whoever’s working on your message on hold can accommodate what you need. Are they flexible about production length? Do they make original scripts? Do they offer a wide selection of music and voice talent, whether you need someone who’s upbeat for an exciting sports business or a soothing voice for your spa? Also, what kinds of messages do they provide?

We accommodate the needs of a wide range of clients, and no two of our productions are the same. We also offer auto attendant greetings for clients who need them. Do you have multiple locations? Do your customers call multiple extensions at your business, including sales, operations, management, and more? Do people often call after hours, so you want a nighttime greeter rather than just silence? We can create the auto attendant script for you in addition to a unique message on hold service.

Any references?

Who else is your provider working with to deliver outstanding message on hold service? Better question: will those companies vouch for your message on hold provider? It’s another common-sense point; if a business doesn’t have a good reputation, with people who will toot their horn and proudly let the world know how great they are, do you want to do business with them?

There are a ton of ways you can figure out if your message on hold service’s reputation is legitimately in good standing. Apart from reading online reviews and checking out your provider’s portfolio, you can also ask. Any on-hold marketing service worth their salt would be more than happy to connect you with their references, us included. Contact us to ask about our references!

Do they work with you or for you?

Creating an on-hold script is a collaborative process. When you first start working together, your message on hold provider should ask you all about your business, specifically covering the who, what, and why of your business. Why? So your provider can transform your purpose, how and why you serve your customers, into an engaging on-hold experience for your customers.

A reputable on-hold provider will go beyond simply stating what you want to communicate to your customers. They’ll translate your talking points into a customer experience that will inform your clients about important facts – your hours, for instance, or if you’re relocating – but they should also ensure that every element of your on-hold message, from the music selection to the voice talent and the tone and verbiage in the script, communicates your mission and vision.

To that end, your message on hold provider should work with you, like a consultant, to create an effective, profitable message for you and merge it into your overall brand experience for your customers. To see how a great message on hold provider can work across multiple brands to create an unforgettable experience, listen to what we’ve done for our customers here.

Why do they exist

Bringing us to the heart of what you should look for in a message on hold provider: what’s this company’s mission and vision? Do they just exist to install phone systems and offer on-hold messaging as a bonus, or do they live and breathe communicating brands? You already know that just playing flute music or leaving your customers in silence won’t do. Simply cutting a message won’t cut it.

Every aspect of your message on hold should be geared towards the overall experience your company offers. Your provider should understand the elements of marketing and brand awareness so they can take what you want to say and make it a part of your customer’s overall experience and journey with your company.

We exist to help businesses like yours get a leg up on the competition and thrive in your industry. We also strive to provide affordable solutions that work and won’t break your bank.

Already have message on hold with us and need to update your script? Get started here! While you’re at it, check out music and voice talent selections to find the best fit for your new message.

Have unused productions but don’t want a production change? We also do auto attendant greetings, shorter productions that can transfer calls to different extensions, greet callers after hours, or answer the phone in the event that someone’s unavailable. Ask us about an auto attendant today. Call (248) 684-0500 x102 or email to begin all things Message on Hold related!