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December is coming! It’s time to save those old Google accounts!

Back in September, we ran a story about how Google will begin deleting all inactive accounts this December. With the first of the month only days away, many unused accounts may be in danger.

Now, to be fair, Google didn’t say it’s going to erase every single inactive account the second the clock strikes midnight. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you want to make sure and protect an old Google account before it’s deleted forever, now is the time to act.


What’s Getting Deleted?

Google defines an inactive account as an account that hasn’t been used within a 2-year period. Once December 1 hits on Friday, the company will begin exercising its right to delete inactive accounts and everything they contain, including:

    • Emails
    • Photos
    • Contacts
    • Google Drive documents
    • Calendar entries


Reviews Will Also Be Affected

Keep in mind that when a Google account is deleted, all of its reviews will be deleted with it. This could have an impact on the number of reviews you business has collected.

With each deleted account comes the loss of any reviews that were created by that account. For businesses that have collected a significant number of reviews over the years, this could mean a noticeable decrease in their overall review count. Hopefully it won’t be a drastic change. But, in order to counteract the possible hit to your company’s review count, you may want to start encouraging more customers to leave their feedback.

And we recently ran a story outlining effective methods for gaining more reviews for your business.


Why is Google Deleting Inactive Accounts?

In a word: Security.

These older accounts often use weak passwords or ones that are easily guessed or cracked. Additionally, many lack security features like two-factor authentication, making them prime targets for hackers and cybercriminals.

And once an account is stolen, it can be used for all kinds of malicious reasons – from spam to identity theft. This is why Google is purging inactive accounts from its system — to help safeguard against these potential exploits and protect its users from harm.


How to Protect Your Account

In order to protect your account from getting deleted, you just have to use it at least once every 2 years to prove it’s active. Sign in to your Google account, then:

    • Read or send an email
    • Watch a YouTube video
    • Share a photo
    • Use Google Drive
    • Do a Google search
    • Download an app
    • Use “Sign in with Google” to sign into a third-party app or service


What Isn’t Getting Deleted

Something to note: This policy change only affects personal Google profiles. In other words, business profiles won’t be impacted.

However, your business may use personal Google accounts to integrate with third-party apps. If this is the case, you’ll want to check and make sure that all of those accounts have been used within the past 2 years, so there’s no disruption to your company’s online presence.


Navigate Your Way to Success

Changes like this are part of the fast-paced, always evolving world where business and technology intersect. Even the most experienced business leaders can feel overwhelmed from time to time.

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