In the past, using a few basic local search tactics was all you needed to show up at the top of Google.   Now, if you want to rank above your competition, you have to outsmart them and outmaneuver them using increasingly complex methods.

The good news is, there are a few simple Local SEO hacks that can help you stay at the top for local searches to drive more traffic to your website.

Get More Google Reviews

If your competitors have a better star rating than you, customers are more likely to choose them over you, because they will generally rank higher than your listing. Reviews for businesses are evaluated by Google three ways.

  1. Volume of Reviews – How many reviews does the business have?
  2. Average Star Rating — A company with an average 4.5 star rating will rank better than a company with a 3.5 star rating.
  3. Age of Reviews — More recent reviews look a lot better than reviews from several years ago.

Asking a customer for a review is easy. Ask them in person,  or you can email or text them a customized link to make it real easy.

Remove Google My Business Spammers and Rank Higher

GMB Spammers are the worst–really. These are fake businesses or dummy businesses designed to take the top spots in Google Maps.

For example, when I did a Google search for “Sign company in Livonia, Michigan” – I found this business listed in Google’s search results:

Google My Business Listing

I click through to their website, and – of course – that’s not really the name of their business. So to try fix this, I do this:

  • On the listing in question, click “Suggest an edit”  (Pro tip: If you are a local guide, your edit may be approved faster)
  • Make the necessary adjustments, and submit.

It will go to Google for review. Most of the time, Google will accept your edit as long as it’s legit.

Now, who’s laughing fake business trying to take your spot (the answer is YOU!)?

Consistency in Your Citations

Do you have different phone numbers or an old address showing up on important citation sources? If so, it can have a negative impact on your local search campaigns and may even create bad information and data in the Local Search Ecosystem.

First, click the following link to Find the incorrect business listings – then fix them.

Getting Your Site in Local Search Results

Getting your site in local search results may be challenging at first, but with the tips here, you have a better chance of showing up where interested consumers will see you. You can also reach out to us to learn more about ranking higher in local search results.