In case you missed our earlier warning back in April, we wrote about a major change announced by Google that will impact the visibility of your website. Earlier in the year, Google announced any websites without active security certificates will be marked as “not secure” in their Chrome browser starting in July 2018.

Google will starting marking sites as “Not secure” with the release of Chrome 68. which is slated to roll out some time this month (July 2018).   How will Google highlight websites that are unsecure? Take a look below.

This is what it looks like when your website has an active security certificate installed:

So – with the release of Chrome 68 happening any day now, it means you have to incorporate HTTPS security by installing an SSL certificate on your website ASAP.  Why? Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular browser by far with 60% of all internet traffic in the world.  And Google will definitely favor secure sites over insecure sites in their search algorithm. So if you don’t want your website traffic to plummet – now is the time to act!  Call us at (248) 684-0500 – or click HERE.  In the contact form’s comment section, just write “I need a SSL Certificate” and we’ll get in touch with you!

For all the details, you can read our original message here.