We don’t need to tell you that social media is constantly changing. From the big platforms to trends that are here and gone in five minutes, the landscape on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are always in flux. Add in newer platforms like TikTok and the decision on which platforms to spend your time on can be overwhelming!

Since it’s 2022 and predicted trends are coming, going, and still holding on, let’s take a look at some social media trends that are going strong this year, and see whether you really need to pay attention to them.

Did video kill written posts?

Thanks to TikTok’s growing influence, more established social media platforms are trying to incorporate more video. Instagram’s reels are dominating the algorithm and even Facebook is hopping on the video bandwagon with reels and stories. However, how critical is it for your business to hop on the video trend, and do you need to pay attention to reels at all?

There are pros and cons to Facebook reels, and reels in general. Facebook allows you to target reels to specific audiences, so if you have a variety of clients you want to reach, you can hone in your message to reach your current followers, or branch out to try and expand your audience. Also, as an incentive to begin using Reels, Facebook has been offering monetization to content creators. Even if you don’t qualify as a content creator, watching this space and seeing if you can partner with a content creator isn’t a bad idea.

Bringing us to the cons: making videos eats your precious time and networking with influencers is also time consuming and may or may not pay off. Videos online have come a long way since the days of low-budget viral gags on YouTube over a decade ago. Production quality is a must. Throw in the typical social media trappings of scheduling, targeting, and hashtags, and it’s a tall order.

Hashing out hashtags

Speaking of hashtags, gone are the days of posting random hashtags in your posts that are #trending and getting more likes and follows. Hashtags are searchable just by pushing on them on your smartphone. When people search by hashtags, they’re looking for relevant content.

Therefore, whether you’re posting a traditional short statement on your feed or trying out a reel, your hashtags should have to do with what you’re posting. You may have some regular go-tos like your business’s name or the types of products you sell. Anything outside of that should have to do with your content.

That doesn’t mean you can ignore trending hashtags entirely. They are trending for a reason, and by using these hashtags to your advantage, you can attract more followers and therefore more business. So how do you do this? Leverage the subject matter of the popular hashtag and incorporate it into your content.

For example, #tbt or Throwback Thursday has been a staple on social media for years. It’s an easy hashtag to implement; post an old photo from an event on Thursday. You can also use #tbt to measure interest in previous events or promotions to see if it’s worthwhile to bring them back.

Know Your Industry

Who are the biggest players in your industry? How much do they post, and what kind of content? For instance, if you’re in the food industry, see what top restaurants are posting, how often, and pay attention to when they’re getting more likes and follows. This can be a blueprint for when you plan your posts.

Although follow the leader can be smart, looking for blind spots and seeing what you can offer your followers on social media is another must. Also, consider what’s unique about you and why your customers keep coming back.

A trend that won’t go away

No matter what dance craze or medium is invading social media now, the basics aren’t going away anytime soon. Consistent, on-brand positing is always on trend, no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you post every few days or a few times a day, keep your posts on the same days and times.

Also, tune into your audience. What do they want to see? Making sure you’re providing your customers and followers with the content they want to see requires constant engagement. Being responsive on social media by monitoring likes, comments and shares is only one part of the puzzle. Polls, posing questions, and even fielding messages and chats are all part of surveying your audience and seeing how you can best meet their needs. And while it’s a lot of work, when done right, it can translate to increased revenue and recognition.

Want to start leveling up your social media, but don’t have the time? Contact us today and leave your social media in great hands. Watch your engagement grow!