Social media marketing revolves around value. Businesses can offer it by creating and sharing original content with followers, and followers can return it in the form of likes and shares. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can make the most of this relationship.

Social media is all about exchanging value 

Accepting that value is at the heart of social media marketing helps give your campaign direction. According to this Forbes article, a company’s goal should be to create as much value as possible, so they receive more from followers in the end:

“Social media is a platform for exchanging value; if you want your customers to buy from you, or even give you a “like” or a comment, you need to give them some value in exchange. That value can come in many different forms; for example, you can take “value” literally and give them discounts or special deals, or you could provide them with value in the form of practical or entertaining content.”

If the value you receive is proportionate to the value you create, then you should focus on creating as much of it as possible.

Add value by sharing content 

The best way businesses can add value is by sharing original content. This content should help improve the customer experience. It can be a walk-through guide on how to use your product or tips on how customers can get more out of your service.

Receive value in the form of likes, shares, and conversions 

The better your content is, the more likes and shares you’ll receive from your followers. If it’s really good, then you might even convert users right on the social media platforms. In most cases, however, it’s considered a win to just bring prospective customers to your website where they can take a more serious look at your products and services.

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