books, notes, and drinks on the desk at an in person meetingThink about the last time you were truly captivated during a discussion.

Chances are, it wasn’t during a zoom. Or a phone conference. Or through a string of emails – but in a face-to-face conversation.

These days, personal interactions are way too rare – yet they’re beneficial in so many ways. Let’s explore why, at Smart Link Solutions, we feel that meeting your customers in person can be a game-changer for your business’s success.


Personal Meetings Build Trust and Credibility

Firstly, personal meetings significantly contribute to building trust and credibility with others. A study by Harvard Business Review found that face-to-face requests are 34 times more effective than those made over email.

The reason?

Nonverbal cues such as body language, eye contact, and tone of voice play a crucial role in communication. These subtle elements are often lost through technology. Meeting in person can help to convey honesty, empathy, and integrity – key ingredients in forming strong business relationships.


Personal Meetings Enhance Communication

Communication is more effective and less prone to misunderstandings when it’s in person. A huge 85% of executives believe that face-to-face meetings are more likely to result in breakthrough thinking – and 82% think that personal meetings are more effective for complex strategic planning.

In other words, personal meetings help people bring their A-game to collabs and innovations.

When you’re sitting across from someone, you’re not just exchanging info – you’re engaging in a dynamic conversation, where ideas are flying fast n’ furious, and vague concepts can become actionable goals.


Personal Meetings Forge Stronger Bonds

The fact is, meeting customers face-to-face forges a unique sense of camaraderie that can be challenging to achieve solely through technology. This personal connection not only plays a crucial role in closing deals but also serves as the foundation for establishing a lasting business relationship.

Another benefit? Settling conflicts can be significantly more impactful when it’s done in person. If a situation arises, consider bringing the conflicting parties together in person to share their perspectives and hash things out in a productive way. Resolving issues effectively can strengthen your team’s bonds going forward.

Authentic connections have the potential to also inspire your customers, paving the way for repeat business, valuable referrals, and a strong positive reputation within your industry.


conference desk and chairs with the word "solution" above



Stop By and Meet Us

This is exactly why Smart Link Solutions has an on-site conference room. So, anytime you’d like, you can drop on by and we’ll be happy to discuss the best ways to grow your business. In a digital world, we feel the personal touch is more important than ever.

When is the last time you had a face-to-face meeting with your technology vendors?

After all, with the digitalization of business communications, it’s easy for messages to get lost in a sea of emails, or misconstrued in a text. Personal meetings allow for clearer, more effective communication, helping to make sure that your message isn’t just received – it’s understood and appreciated.

If you’d like to stop by and meet the Smart Link Solutions team, click here to set up an in-person meeting and see what we can do for your business!