Only 83 days until Christmas! Sounds like forever, doesn’t it? Trust me. It’ll be here before you know it!

Each October, the Message on Hold industry starts gearing up for the busy holiday production season. It’s the busiest time of year for the on-hold providers, production studios, voice talents, and others that work in the Message on Hold industry. After all, holiday messages are a fun way to entertain callers in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Many on-hold providers offer a variety of holiday production options to their clients. Message on Hold provider Smart Link Solutions offers four holiday options to subscribers. The options range from complimentary generic holiday and Christmas messages, to custom messaging options.

Smart Link Solutions’ complimentary “generic” messages include a “holiday” message and a “Christmas” message. Both messages offer callers a variety of “thank you” and holiday, or Christmas well-wishes. The text for each message is new and unique each year. Voice talent and music selections are chosen by the Smart Link Solutions’ Message on Hold team, with a “holiday” music selection for the holiday message and a “Christmas” selection for the Christmas message. These complimentary messages are offered to clients as a tangible way for Smart Link Solutions to say, “Thank you for your business,” to Message on Hold clients.

Not sure a generic message is right for you? Smart Link Solutions also offers two custom messaging options: A “remix” and a custom message with holiday or Christmas niceties and well-wishes.

The first option, a holiday “remix,” pairs a client’s current script with a holiday or Christmas music selection. It requires little input from the client, since script review isn’t required and music and voice talent selection is optional. The cost is one “change” from the client’s “production bank.”

The second option adds holiday or Christmas text to a new or current script. This option requires more input from clients, since script review is required. Voice talent and music selection is optional and, like the remix, the cost is one “change.”

Custom holiday messages are great for clients with large production packages or unused “changes” in their “production banks.” They can also be a good investment. A carefully crafted message can be used for several years, as long as the message doesn’t include time-sensitive dates or offers.

Is a holiday message right for you? Maybe not. Like all marketing decisions, playing a seasonal marketing message is based the marketing objectives and target market demographics of each individual business.

Which holiday production option, if any, makes the most sense for your business? It’s something to consider. …But don’t take too long. If you’re a Smart Link Solutions Message on Hold client, your holiday production order is due on October 24, 2018. Simply CLICK HERE to place your order. Sign up today and beat the last-minute rush!

Not a Smart Link Solutions Message on Hold subscriber? It’s a great time to get started! Sign up now through October 24th and you’ll receive a custom holiday remix. Go to Smart Link Solutions to sign up today!

Have a great fall! Happy Holidays from the team at Smart Link Solutions!!

Betty Green has been a copywriter with Smart Link Solutions since 2008. She has an MS in Organization Development with an emphasis on organization communication, as well as a BBA in Management from Eastern Michigan University. She taught business communication courses to undergraduates at Concordia University and has worked professionally in a variety of industries.