What we love about responsive website design is that it doesn’t just improve one facet of your website — it provides a boost to your overall marketing campaign. In this blog, we’ll break down the top five benefits of responsive design for businesses:


Responsive websites automatically expand and contract based on the device they’re accessed from. In this respect, it doesn’t matter if someone is using a smartphone or a desktop computer. Your site will work fine either way. This provides a lot of flexibility in a marketing context.

Great UI on all devices

Because responsive websites adapt to all screen sizes, your user interface will look the same on all devices. You just have to design it once, as opposed to taking different hardware and software into account.

Google said so

Yup, one reason you should switch to responsive website design is because Google recommends it. This isn’t just a throw in, either. Responsive sites perform better in Google’s search engine algorithm because they’re fast and mobile-friendly. In this respect, switching to responsive design is also an SEO decision.


There’s a lot to be said about a website that only has one URL. Developers require less time to design and maintain your site, and that translates to reduced costs. In the long-run, responsive website design can be a great money saver.


And finally, a totally legitimate reason to switch to responsive design is because it makes everything simple. Your website is easier to maintain because it only has one URL, you only have to design one UI, you make your site mobile-friendly, and you get an SEO boost in the process.

Like we said, responsive website design affects multiple facets of your marketing campaign. To talk more about responsive design, or anything else, contact us today.