Business owners who recognize the value of optimizing local search results benefit from greater numbers of online traffic than those who don’t. Yesterday and everyday thereafter, over 72% of all consumers in the USA used a mobile device to search for a local business. A whopping 28% of those searches resulted in a purchase. It is important to understand that when someone is hungry, sick, tired or consumed by any number of reasons to conduct a local search, they are going to “Google it.” That is the point of their decision. Buyers are in a buying mood.

Commerce that optimizes local search results is already ahead of the game.

But how do you optimize locally? And is local optimization a good SEO tactic? You bet it is. If for no other reason the number of visitors and conversions alone will increase your popularity on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) as that is one important component Google algorithm’s recognizes.

Here’s a few tips to get you started with local search optimization

  • Location data must be listed on your website
  • List location data on Google+, Facebook, Google My Business
  • Maintain a presence on Google, Bing, Apple Maps, and Facebook
  • Drive local traffic through social media platforms
  • Ensure data is accurate at all times. Ensure physical address changes are up to date otherwise potential customers are going to be led somewhere you did not intend them to go.
  • Leverage review sites such as yelp
  • Network and link to other local businesses

Data listed on your website acts as a confirmation for search engine algorithms. Whether you list your data on Facebook, Google My Business, or on social media channels, if you want to be found locally, it is important that you do it.

SEO optimizes the overall picture while a well-planned Local Search Optimization drills down to focus on attracting local traffic. You will gain more traffic and conversions when you optimize for Local Search and that will move you higher in the search rankings.

Do you want to learn more? There is a lot more to learn. Stay tuned for more informative blogs or contact us for more ways you can attract local traffic.