Are you ready for a revolution in the world of online analytics?

Last year, Google Analytics announced some major changes to their platform. With its wide array of data-driven insights, automated reporting capabilities, and real-time tracking, it’s no wonder why businesses are taking notice of the major shift coming.

Get ready: Google Analytics is changing the way business owners collect and analyze their data – and, in doing so, they’re unleashing some powerful new capabilities in tracking your web traffic.

But, first, let’s explore what exactly Google Analytics actually is…

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics acts like a detective for your website.

You know how Sherlock Holmes gathers clues to solve a case? That’s exactly what Google Analytics does for your online presence. It tracks all sorts of insightful information about your visitors, like where they’re coming from, what they’re clicking on, and how long they’re sticking around.

So if you want to solve the mystery of why your website isn’t performing as well as it could, you may want to call on the deductive powers of Google Analytics.

Now, up until recently, the system was called Universal Analytics. But that’s going away soon. The new version is called Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and it’s making some big waves.

Let’s dive into some of the changes!

Enhanced Privacy

Privacy is a hot-button issue these days, and rightly so. We all want to protect our personal information from being sold to the highest bidder or used for who-knows-what purposes.

With Google’s new platform, these privacy concerns have been addressed. GA4 no longer collects IP addresses and stores cookies the way its predecessor did. It’s a more privacy-conscious approach that’s just as powerfully accurate as before.

It’s like ditching binoculars for reading glasses – the clarity is still there, but with less of the creepiness.

Machine Learning

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is that GA4 now tracks users across mobile apps and websites – something the old Universal Analytics just couldn’t handle. Plus, GA4 can even follow users as they switch between devices (computers, phones, mobile devices, etc.).

The catch? As we mentioned earlier, user privacy is paramount, so Google had to find a way to gather all that useful traffic data without compromising people’s anonymity.

That’s where machine learning comes in – it’s able to analyze user behavior and website traffic habits without infringing on anyone’s privacy.

Better Data

Despite the focus on protecting privacy, Google Analytics 4 offers businesses access to even more powerful and insightful data than before.

One of GA4’s standout features is its “Explorations” function, which takes reporting to the next level. Instead of basic summaries, Explorations allows you to dive deeper into customer behavior and uncover key insights that can inform your marketing strategies.

You can create custom analyses or use handy templates to delve deeper into your data. And, with filters and segments, you have the power to customize your visuals to show exactly what you need – nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

A Revolutionary Upgrade

By now, it should be clear that Google Analytics 4 is taking the online data world by storm, and revolutionizing the way businesses view online data. It’s a revolutionary upgrade that can save you time and help you make decisions quickly and effectively.

Google is sunsetting the old Universal Analytics on June 30th, 2023.

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