business in covid-19 eraAs consumers wait for the pandemic to phase out, most are preoccupied with internet searches on day-to-day essentials and personal protection equipment to stay safe.  Whatever products/services your business sells, you will need to be ready for a “Post Covid-19 era”; because it will not be business as usual. This would be a suitable time for companies to use local SEO strategies to connect with existing customers and target new consumers.

Ways To Strategize For Post Covid-19 Success

The following are pointers on how businesses can target new consumers once the nation begins to reopen.


Consumers are looking for all kinds of information on Covid-19. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness is the kind of content that search engines are buying. Therefore, as a brand, you have to not only be a source of information but credible information.  If you are not a supplier of Covid-19 products (you know masks and all…), you can create content on information like ‘Where to Find Masks Near Me.’

Update your Information

Now that more people are spending time more online, you are in a better position to attract new customers for your products. Many people may not be buying, but they are window shopping. Therefore, it would be good to update any information on your website and social media to keep your brand fresh.

Study Consumer Behavior

By listening on digital media, you will get better insights on consumers. You can conduct surveys to know more about consumer preferences in these times or engaging them more to learn about their attitudes and behavior and also get to know what the competition is doing or not doing and then target your audience with the content they want.

Content creation is essential for relationship-building during this time. Contact us for more information on our service offerings or to schedule a consultation.