Website design and content marketing complement one another. Your message will not engage your audience and will not bring in new business if one is powerful and the other is poor. Here’s how to make your website design and content marketing coherent, as well as the trends that your business should focus on in order to succeed.

What Is Content Marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to attract and keep a certain audience by generating and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent information. Customer action will be motivated by good content marketing. When done effectively, content helps to raise brand recognition, demand, and income.

Web Design

Web design is the process of building a website with a simple, clean, and intuitive layout that works well with the content to provide a clear route for users to connect with your business. To communicate your message and reflect your brand, web design and content marketing should work together.

First Impression

Before visitors have a chance to read your content, web design may make an impression on them. If the website design is poor, visitors will leave in a matter of seconds. In less than 5 seconds, a visitor will make a choice about your website. What does your website say about your company?

The website must have a professional and up-to-date appearance. A website that appears to be out of date is unattractive and does not reflect the credibility of your business. Engaging your audience and communicating to who and what your brand is about is what website design is.

Website Navigation

Regardless of how content-heavy or light the website is, the navigation must be designed with the users in mind. A visitor should be able to browse through the website without difficulty and locate what they’re searching for in a matter of seconds. Create a drop-down menu allowing people to find the page with the information they want to read instead of cramming everything onto one page. Visitors will leave if your website is too complicated, which can influence your bounce rate.

Content Readability

Visitors will remain on your website and read the content if the design is appealing, but if the information is difficult to read, they will go. The content should be eye-catching and consistent, with headings guiding the visitor through the topic.

Web design is about making content readable and relevant in an aesthetically pleasing manner. If your website has current and updated information, this provides trust and loyalty to the customer. A Web designer and content writer should work together with understanding of how each will help the other.

Google Values Good Content

Did you know that Google helps decide what content is most relevant to users? ┬áTo identify what is most relevant to your search, Google uses complex algorithms. The one thing that will always work is high-quality content. While there are a variety of SEO elements in place, both on and off the page, it’s important to keep this in mind that content has been key since the internet was invented. But why care about good design? People use words to communicate. They use them in their daily lives and they also use them while searching online. Another reason is because the scanning process is done by a computer. It reads the code that humans and programs have written. If actual text is not present, there isn’t anything for Google to read. Simply put, if you do not have text, there can be no match when a user types in a keyword.

Content Marketing Trends

Each year, the importance of content grows. Do you have a strong understanding of how to use content marketing methods to satisfy the needs of your prospects? Content depth, leadership, customization, and SEO are some of the primary trends that are still going strong.

Content Depth

In order to build brand awareness and demand, content depth is essential. Most companies using content marketing will create a blog page that addresses problems, awareness, and provide information for their customers. Websites that use this method have more than one post published on a regular basis.


The successful website aims to please the visitors by offering custom content. Customers want to see their problems addressed specifically and their desires catered to in order for them to take action with a business.

Your content marketing strategy is based on website design and relevant content. At Smart Link Solutions, we can assist you with web design and content marketing. Explore our services and let us help establish your business as the industry leader in your field. Call us at 248-684-0500 to get started.