Do you know if your website is responsive? Responsive means your website “responds” by adjusting the website layout to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on…In other words, is your site mobile-friendly?

Take a quick look –check out your website on your phone right now. How long did it take to pull up completely? More than a couple seconds? And don’t just look at the home page – try to navigate around, click on your phone number (it should open up your phone’s dialer), and even try to fill out your Contact Us form and send it to yourself. Did your “Thank-You” website page show the way you expected? (…and check to see that the email was actually delivered.)

OK – now let’s ask someone else their opinion about the mobile-friendliness of your site.  Someone that really matters: Google.  Google has a handy testing tool that evaluates the mobile-friendliness of your website, and gives you a simple Yes or No answer, along with any issues it finds.

Click here:  and give it a try.

Why is a mobile-friendly site important to your business?

You already know that pretty much everyone uses their phone when they use the internet.  But did you know it’s the way most people search for information online now?  60% of all Google searches come from mobile devices. Here are a few more incredible statistics that really demonstrate that your company must have a responsive website:

  • 67% of consumers stated they are more likely to purchase products or services from a company that has a responsive website.
  • 48% of people who had bad experiences with a mobile website stated they’re unlikely to make future purchases from that company.
  • Companies that had their website redesigned using mobile-friendly methods reported a 62% increase in sales.

And maybe the most convincing reason – Google favors responsive websites in their search rankings.

OK – I think I’ve made my point.  If your website is not responsive, give us a call at 866-757-5100 or send us an email. We can help – let’s get started.