blog imageBrand Identity is a visual component of a company or business. Each brand identity element is a building block for the brand’s foundation. For more information on what brand identity is read our latest blog here. There are a couple of misunderstood steps that you can avoid when establishing a stronger brand. There are a few commonly overlooked elements that you should make sure your company has when it comes to brand Identity. Here are the six common mistakes:


  1. Not having a brand purpose. Brand purpose helps define what motivates your company and what problems you are trying to solve. It lets you become more relatable to the audience. When launching a brand without purpose you may have missed opportunities to engage your customers.
  1. Being inconsistent. Make sure your brand is recognizable. It gives the customers a sign that you care about how they perceive your brand.


  1. Forgetting about guidelines. One factor that may be inconsistent is the lack of style guidelines. It is a document that holds the brand identity, brand standards, and design elements of your company.


  1. Not checking originality. You want your brand to stand out to other businesses. Having a similar brand to another company may confuse your audience.


  1. Not having a target audience. Your brand must identify and target the appropriate audience for your business. You should change how you communicate and present your brand to appeal to them.


  1. Generic logo. The first impressions mean everything. Your logo is the face of your brand which is why you want to make sure your logo is memorable and catching your audience’s attention.


No one will get brand identity right the first time so do not worry about your brand being perfect at first. Even the most popular brands consistently update their brand identity. Knowing how and what issues to avoid for your brand is essential in creating a recognizable and profitable business. It also helps you save time and money by avoiding problems in the long run. This list of common branding mistakes can help stand as a guide for you to avoid making the same mistakes

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