Back-to-school is here, and so are Halloween decorations. In some corners of commerce, you can already hear holiday songs on the speakers and see the candy-cane ribbons on the storefront. Before you know it, the holiday season will have crept up on you.

As a business owner, the holiday season starts early. When we say early, we mean the planning stages. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, from decorating to posting holiday updates to your website to rolling out promotions. And if you have Message on Hold, now’s the time to think about holiday script changes.

But what should you include in your holiday production? There is the obvious – festive music – but there’s more that should go into your script this year than adding a carol. Here’s what you should consider when making a holiday script.

1. How do “Season’s Greetings” fit into your branding?

Consider your overall brand. Are you a fast-paced motorsports dealership, a soothing spa offering a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle? Consider how your customers experience you when you put together your script. Why are they stopping by during the holiday season?

Figuring out your why during this busy time of year – specifically, what you offer to help your customers during this hectic time – is crucial when crafting your message. It could be as simple as presents or something less obvious, like fixing cars for drives to see family or removing pests before holiday guest arrive.

Like the rest of the year, considering your business’s brand will come in handy when picking background music and voice talent. If you own a busy retail store, an exciting rendition of “Jingle Bells” will fit. Own a spa? Stick to a soothing carol.

Alternatively, if you think holiday music would be too much, you can go for a more wintery track. Look for something with chimes, bells, or anything that reminds you of a cozy, snowy evening.

2. How long can your message be?

Around four minutes of on-hold messaging should suffice for most businesses. However, the length of your message can depend on your needs and your phone system. Some phone systems can only be two minutes, and a lot of the tips we covered in an earlier blog can be applied here.

For a holiday production, ask yourself: What are the bare necessities I need my customer to know? Any changing store hours and deals are a must. Concentrate on those and you should be set.

3. How much change do you really need?

If you don’t have too many promotions or changing hours, what should you change about your message? Again, go back to your “why.” By acknowledging your customers’ pain points around this time of year, you can create a connection to them through this time of year. Plus, it’s easier to keep them on the line when you communicate that you understand their needs.

By peppering in phrases like “during this busy season …” and then explaining how you can help them during the holidays, you’re establishing yourself as a place that cares and someone who will work with your customers. This is crucial when customers are on hold. After all, who likes waiting to talk to someone? That’s why so many people hang up after seconds of being put on hold.

Message on hold has been proven to keep customers on the line longer. Plus, by communicating your customers’ needs back to them in your message, you’re establishing rapport and trust instead of just leaving them hanging.

4. How soon do you need the message?

Sooner than you think – especially as we get into the fourth quarter.  Ideally, you want your holiday message to start playing around Thanksgiving and stay good to go through New Year’s. Now is the time to start brainstorming ideas for a message on hold script, making sure everything is all set to go to the studio by early November at the latest.

Right now, Smart Link Solutions is firing up to get our MOH customers’ scripts ready to go to the studio through October and early November. We’re reaching out to all of our customers to let them know about our holiday productions. If you’re a Message on Hold customer, watch your email for more information about this year’s holiday productions.

Don’t have Message on Hold, but want an affordable tool in your marketing kit to keep customers on the line and coming into your business? Find out more here or contact us today to get started!